-It is a tillage machine that works with knives that rotate right-left perpendicular to the soil.

-It makes the shredded stubble ready for planting in one go.

-It is used to prepare the seed bed, to destroy plant wastes and weeds, to dissolve the fertilizer in the soil, to aerate the soil and to expand the inner surface of the soil.

-It does not mix the soil by turning it upside down, thus; It ensures that the lower parts of the soil retain their moisture.

-The blades work by making a right-left rotation movement, they do not hold soil and work comfortably in rainy lands.

-Working at a right angle allows the soil to pass rain and snow water more easily.

-It reduces the base formation in the soil and enables the roots to develop faster.

-It provides the possibility of sowing at once with the sowing machine connection apparatus.

-High working width provides great savings in time and fuel in large areas. 

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