-It is used to break the hardened base in the soil.

-It increases the productivity by doing protective tillage because it swells the soil without overturning.

-Thanks to the independent spring foot mechanisms, the foot that is exposed to the effect by coinciding with hard and stony places is disabled.

-Then, thanks to this automatic mechanism, the foot, which is freed from the effect, continues to work.

-In this way, damage to the blade and foot assemblies is prevented.

-It has the possibility of stubble and deep soil cultivation.

-It also ensures the breaking of the hard layer formed over time in the part where the depth of the plow cannot reach.

-The parts produced by selecting special materials have been subjected to heat treatment and made even more durable.

-Since the stubble and plant residues remain on the soil surface, a good cover layer is created and thus provides a habitat for beneficial minerals.

-It contributes to the fight against soil erosion.

-• Vibrating and safe working opportunity is provided thanks to the springs of the spring chisel.

-• It provides fuel saving with minimum power requirement.

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