It is a single row beet harvester machine that has cutting, disjoining, cleaning, storing and unloading functions. It is connected to a tractors tow bar. With its pumps (5 pcs) attached to its reinforced transmission, it provides a special solution in muddy fields ano separates weed from sugar beet. It is improved for optimum performance in muddy fields thanks to its cleaning rollers and moving arms placed in between lifters. In our H4350 model, the tank elevation arms are designed in parallel and the tank reach a discharge height of 420 cm, while the its angle with the ground does not exceed 30 degrees, thus the tank can be emptied more quickly. Also, our H4350 model has double pumps to unload the tank faster and more efficiently. The oil reservoir of the hydraulic system is installed to the machine and uses hydraulic oil no.46.

Thanks to its row control ability (Row Tracking System), harvesting row gap and depth settings are fully automatic. A specially designed twin wheel system is used to reduce the wastage during the first harvesting in the field.

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