It processes the soil and preserves mellowness of it for

a long time by preparing the bed after the harvest,

without needing any other tools. It does not hammer

and compact the soil like plows or other agricultural machines. If there are any hardening or compaction in

the soil, it will tear it. It contours the land against

problems that may arise due to incorrect plowing and

increases the yield of the soil by arranging the planting

are and mixing the organic substances in the soil. It

will be extremely convenient if the soil is to be

cultivated for a second time, simply hoe between the

vineyard and garden areas by releasing the blasting

legs and clod can be crushed in the plowed land. It

provides great savings in fuel, time, and equipment

investment as it completes the process in one go. As it

is foldable, its width on the road decreases by 2.2 m

and allows easy travel on the road.

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