-The wheeled x model disc harrow is a double disc tillage machine used in agricultural operations.

-This machine has a wheeled chassis combined with a double disc harrow.

-A wheeled x model disc harrow is a wheeled vehicle with one or more double disc harrows.

-Wheeled x model disc harrow is often used for soil preparation before planting in agricultural lands

-It can also be used for cleaning post-harvest residues from the soil.

-The discs cut and rotate the soil, thereby aerating the soil and removing plant debris, weeds and other debris below the ground. This gets the soil ready for planting and helps plant roots grow better.

-While the wheels help the vehicle to work the soil properly, the discs work the soil to aerate the soil and destroy plant residues.

-The wheeled design makes it easier for the vehicle to move around the agricultural field and allows farming operations to be done faster and more efficiently.

-By gently tilling the soil, this machine can help plant roots grow better and contribute to a more productive harvest.

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