Folding upright rotary tiller machines are the most

technically successful professional machines in terms

of their contributions to both soil and plant in

cultivation and seedbed preparation and also excel with

their easy use, robust, strong structural design,

offering a wide range of models that can meet every

need. As its durable blades, which make deep tillage up

to 28 em perpendicular to the soil, cultivates the soil

without trenching, the soil moisture is preserved and the formation of hard pan is prevented. The roller

behind the machine puts pressure on the treated soil,

allowing the soil to remain mellow. With its different

working width options up to 6 meters, it provides great

convenience through high productivity. Its width

decreases by 2,2 meters due to its folding feature. With

the optional hydraulie attachment, another piece of

equipment can be connected to the PTO behind the

gearbox, which saves time and fuel by doing more than

one job at a time, reducing field traffic. Due to the

safety system shaft used in the machine, any problem

that may occur in the tractor or the machine

prevented if the machine gets stuck on stone or root.

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