-With the spring cultivator, operations such as tearing the soil, fluffing, airing, cutting the roots of weeds and bringing them to the soil surface are carried out.

-Besides these; It is also possible to mix the seed or mineral fertilizer thrown on the soil surface with the soil.

-Thanks to its independent mechanisms, it also allows intermediate hoeing of products such as sunflower, beet, corn, potato.

-Vibrating and safe working opportunity is provided by the springs.

-Less traction force and less energy consumption due to the vibration generated.

-Significant energy savings are achieved compared to traditional tillage.

-It creates a loose soil structure at a depth of 20-25 cm and increases the permeability of water.

-It is beneficial in breaking up large clods.

-It performs the cutting of the roots of weeds and provides benefits in the fight against weeds.

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