-Pandora Mini, which has a lighter frame structure than Pandora Disc Harrow, requires less pulling power and is suitable for use with smaller tractors.

-The Pandora mini disc harrow, which has an efficient and wide use area in soil cultivation, especially in stubble treatment and seedbed preparation, can decompose and mix plant residues in the floor without spilling the floor.

-In this way, it allows you to cultivate efficiently by effectively cultivating the soil and preserving the biological balance of your soil.

-It has a durable chassis that is durable and resistant to harsh conditions.

After effectively tilling the soil with specially made discs, it performs crushing, compacting and leveling operations of the soil with different types of rollers, while obtaining a perfect surface thanks to its combined design, its compact structure is simple and provides ease of use.

· It achieves maximum efficiency by spending minimum time at an operating speed of 8-15 km/h.

· Thanks to the most ideal cutting and steering angles of the discs, it saves fuel while requiring minimum power from the tractor.

· It is suitable for use with smaller tractors thanks to its light structure.

· It provides performance for the user for many years thanks to its strong and durable roller bearings which require no maintenance or lubrication.

· Welded disc feet that withstand harsh conditions and impact in the strongest way give confidence.

· All disc feet are independent of each other and mounted on the battery with their own protective rubbers. In this way, it is ensured that the balance of the machine is maintained during tillage, that the discs are not damaged and that there is no loss of speed.

· Rubber shims with a diameter of 40 mm used in the foot connections prevent the discs from being damaged by allowing the discs to bounce in the vertical direction.

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