-It has an effective and wide area of use in soil cultivation, especially in stubble processing, seed bed preparation, allows plant residues to be broken down and mixed into the soil without overturning the soil.
-In this way, it allows you to cultivate efficiently by cultivating the soil effectively and preserving the biological balance of your soil.
-It is a machine suitable for use in heavy and difficult conditions.
-It has a simple design that provides ease of use with a reinforced chassis suitable for use in difficult conditions.
-After cultivating the soil efficiently with specially produced discs, a perfect surface is obtained by performing soil breaking, compacting and leveling operations with different types of rollers.
-It achieves maximum efficiency by spending minimum time with 8-15 km/h operating speed.
-Thanks to the most ideal cutting and direction angles of the discs, it saves fuel with the least tractor power requirement.
-It has long-lasting, robust roller bearings that do not require maintenance and lubrication.
-Welded disc feet, which are durable against hard conditions and impacts, provide the user with long-term performance.
-All disc feet are independently of each other and mounted on the battery with their own protective rubbers. 
-In this way, it is ensured that the balance of the machine is maintained during tillage, the discs are not damaged and there is no loss of speed.
-Rubber wedges with a diameter of 40mm used in the foot connections prevent the discs from being damaged by allowing the discs to spring in the vertical direction.
-Desired working depth is easily adjusted with the help of roller. 
-The working depth is easily fixed with 5 mm, 10 mm and 20 mm thick aluminum clips. 
-Roller height can be adjusted optionally mechanically or hydraulically.
-The distance between the front and rear discs is 90 cm, the chassis height is 75 cm, and the disc spacing is 24.5 cm. 
-The wide working area of the discs ensures the most efficient transfer of soil from front to back and working with minimum residue accumulation.

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