-Heavy type trailed disc harrow it is a machine designed to perform many different tasks.
-It is used in both high residue primary tillage and secondary tillage.
-Its heavy and durable structure is suitable for use in difficult conditions and deep driving.
-With different model options, it provides the farmer with the opportunity to choose the right solution according to their needs.
-It has a simple design that provides ease of use with a reinforced chassis suitable for use in difficult conditions.
-It achieves maximum efficiency by spending minimum time with 8-12 km/h operating speed.
-Direction angles affecting the working depth, tilting and shredding properties of the discs can be easily adjusted with the multi-hole mechanism on the chassis. -Direction angle adjustment can be optionally provided with mechanical or hydraulic control.
-It gives confidence thanks to its welded disc feet that are resistant to hard conditions and impacts in the most robust way.
-The spring tension arm connected between the axle and the arrow ensures the parallelism of the front and rear battery. 
-Parallelism can be adjusted with the help of hydraulic piston. 
-At the same time, this spring suspension minimizes bed and disc breakage by creating a flexible structure that adapts to the unevenness of the field surface and road conditions during operation.
-The scrapers, which are our special production and included in each disc, prevent residues by scraping the discs during tillage. 
-The distance of the scrapers to the discs can be adjusted as desired or as they wear out.
-The chassis height is 65 cm, the disc spacing is 23 cm, and the space between the front and rear discs is wide. 
-The wide working area of the discs ensures the most efficient transfer of soil from front to back and working with minimum residue accumulation.
-Maximum working depth is reached thanks to the disc direction angle that can go up to 25 degrees and its heavy chassis.
-56, 61 cm diameter notched and flat disc options are available. 
-It can be produced from 20 discs to 36 discs without folding, from 40 discs to 64 discs with folding.
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