Tine Harrows

-It is a secondary tillage tool combination produced optionally up to 25-35 teeth without folding and up to 35-60 teeth with folding.

-After the soil is processed with known tillage tools such as plows and chisels, it is made ready for sowing or planting.

-Spring cultivators working in heavy conditions thanks to their reinforcement teeth can do the work of many tools on their own.

-Optionally, the tooth model is produced in the from of an S modelled a tooth called a snail. 

-The recommended operating speed is 10 km/h.

-Vibrating tines make both transverse and vertical fragmentation and mixing in the soil.

-It keeps the soil rich in terms of oxygen and minerals.

-It breaks up the clods in the soil thanks to its rotating roller.

-It reduces the soil surface area, prevents the destruction of the soil and preserves the moisture in the soil.

-It is beneficial in breaking up the clods.

-It prepares the seed bed and makes the soil ready before planting.

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