• It used to break the hardened base in the soil 
  • It increases the productivity by doing protective tillage because it swells the soil with our overturning. 
  • It has the possibility of stubble and deep soil 
  • It also ensures the breaking of the hard ;ayer formed over time in the part where the depth of the plow cannot reach 
  • It provides long-lasting use by preventing the slot from being damaged in pin cuts by subjecting the parts produced by choosing special materials to heat treatment. 
  • It allows the fertiliser to be mixed in the soil. 
  • It produces smaller clods than other equipment.
  • It helps rain water which will not for a hard layer from the bottom compared to other equipment, to descend to the lower layers and helps to increase the water holding ability of the soil. 
  • It breaks the base formed in the land, on the one hand and it increases the root and stem development of the plant. 
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