Rotary Cultivators
-It is a tillage machine that mixes the soil from the bottom to the surface with the help of horizontally rotating balls. 
-It is used to prepare the seed bed, aerate the soil, break up plant wastes and weeds and ensure that they are completely mixed into the soil.
-While the machine is running, the roller levels the soil.
-It is the soil mill that can split the soil into the smallest pieces, the crumbled pieces of the soil provide full contact with the seed.
-Since it mixes the soil by turning it upside down, plant wastes are fully homogeneously distributed on the soil.
-Plant wastes and weeds break down and mix with the soil, increasing the organic matter in the soil, thus making the soil more fertile.
-Bursts in front of the blades provide more comfortable use on hard soils
-It ensures the cleaning of the stones in the place to be planted and the preparation of the ideal seed bed for the sensitive products to be planted.
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